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Intersection of media, entertainment, advertising, and blockchain technology.





MediaTech meets FinTech

Enterprise SaaS collaboration tools for content creators, entertainment industry, influencers & advertisers. Revolutionize marketing & content funding mechanisms.

#MediaTech #FinTech


Testing Grounds

Moonshot R&D division: Web3, celestial entity clusters, DeFi protocols, remote revitialization operation, allodial trusts, classified projects.

#Web3 #BlackOps

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Enterprise applications APIs & microservices, blockchain, static/dynamic websites, ML/AI, full-stack management, user-identity authentication.


ABOUT: Madison and Sunset, Inc.

We’re on a mission… to build a better world… build remote infrastrucutre, make human-friendly ecosystems, to empower creators/builders/developers, to do meaningful and important things with our time & resources. We are here to enable creator economies, empower small businesses, expand global markets, give power to the people, and create a more equitable financial system.

Join us in achieving these aspirational goals.
How? Invest. Collaborate. Build. Web3 infrastructures, quantitative analysis, APIs, decentralized ledgers, game-theory, probabilistic modeling, attribution mechanics, machine learning, big data solutions, blockchain smart contracts, and more…


Accredited Investor

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