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Intersection of media, entertainment, advertising, and technology.






MediaTech meets FinTech

Content creator meets advertiser platform. Enterprise SaaS collaboration tools for content creators, entertainment industry, influencers & advertisers. Revolutionize marketing & content funding mechanisms.

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Design On-Demand

Best design subscription service for small business, startups, and entrepreneurs. UX/UI design, apps, WordPress websites, digital marketing, advertising and more.

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Future of Work

COMING SOON: Built to help the working class,  gig-workers, freelancers, side-hustlers, sole propreitors, and independent contractors earn more by selling their services via link-centric, link-in-bio payment services.

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Moonshot Projects

Moonshot R&D division: Web3 decentralization, blockchain, DeFi protocols, remote-work ratecard tools, small town revitialization projects, allodial trusts, classified projects.

#Web3 #BlackOps

ABOUT: Madison and Sunset, Inc.

We’re on a mission… to build a better world… help working class families earn more in their communities, build remote infrastrucutre, make human-friendly ecosystems, do meaningful and important things with our time & resources. We are here to enable blue collar workers, creator economies, accelerate remote work, empower small businesses, give power to the people, and create a more equitable financial system.

Join us in achieving these aspirational goals.
How? Invest. Collaborate. Build. Web3 infrastructures, quantitative analysis, APIs, decentralized ledgers, probabilistic modeling, attribution mechanics, machine learning, big data solutions, blockchain smart contracts, and more…


Accredited Investor

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