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Intersection of media, entertainment, advertising, and blockchain technology.





Branded Entertainment Platform

Our SaaS media collaboration platform provides advertisers and entertainment creators with easy-to-use tools with greatly simplify brand integrations.

#MediaTech #FinTech

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Software Consultancy

SaaS enterprise solutions,  APIs & microservices, static/dynamic websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, user-managment, fintech, virtual assistants.


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Crytpocurrency + Social Media

Creator economy. Ethereum blockchain utility token. Social media app. Built to enable future growth of arts, culture, and technology.

#Cryptocurrency #SocialMedia

Madison and Sunset, Inc.

We strive to do more, to do meaningful and important things with the resources we have. Our mission is to build a better world, enable creator economies, empower small businesses, expand global markets, give power to the people, and create a more equitable financial system.

Join us in achieving these aspirational goals.
We implement big data solutions, game theory attribution modeling, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, machine learning, Web3 infrastructures, fintech, decentralized systes, and more… all wrapped in user-friendly design systems.

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